Converting the sharp corners of an image to round corers using gimp in linux

The pictures taken using cameras are always rectangular in shape with sharp corners, so are most of the other images.

We can use gimp to change the images with rectangular corners to round corners. Here are steps to do the same.

Open gimp, and click on


 photo 1_file_open.jpg

Browse to the photo that needs to be transformed and click on open.

 photo 2_image.jpg

Now click on

filters->decor->Round Corners

 photo round_border.jpg

It will prompt a menu as shown below.

 photo round_border_menu.jpg

Edge Radius: Is the radius of the arc at the corners. The bigger the number the bigger the arc will be at the corner.
Add Drop Shadow : We can make the image appear to have a little depth by adding a shadow to the image. The other three options are for the properties of the shadow.

If the main image has to be retained as it is we can click on “work on a copy” so that the gimp creates a new image with round corners.

Now click on OK. Once gimp finishes working on the image, you should see the image as below.

 photo rounded_image.jpg

Click on

file->save as

 photo 6_save_as.jpg

Give a name for the image and add the extension .jpg.

If prompted for confirmation regarding export to jpg click on export.

 photo 7_export.jpg

The next prompt will allow us to choose the image quality. Choose the required quality and click on save.

 photo 8_save.jpg

The image with rounded corners should be ready as below.

 photo rounded_final.jpg

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