March Donations & Site Update

Thank you Richard H for your donation to Ubuntu Unleashed!

Richard H From Austria- $5.00

I will continue to share Donations to this site in weekly posts, thanks allot for your support!

Ubuntu Unleashed wouldn’t exist without support from readers. Thank you for deciding to keep Ubuntu Unleashed up and running.

Currently Ubuntu Unleashed makes around $100.00 usd per month with adsense, my total costs per month to survive are $1000.00 usd, This covers things like: food, rent, internet and electricity. My website hasnt been updated because im doing side jobs and other things to survive right now, but hopefully Ubuntu Unleashed can help support me more so I can continue to share great articles and news which I love to do.

I have been wanting to improve the user interface of Ubuntu Unleashed and create a user generated part of this site. I would like this site to be more of a news oriented site that developers can go to to share their new project. Possibly with a rss feed of new releases from project sites all over the web. If you are a web developer and share my passion in open source and Ubuntu, and want to help me improve Ubuntu Unleashed, Contact me below

Or via email @ defconoii at gmail dot com

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