Evernote Linux Client `Everpad` Available For GNOME Shell, KDE

Everpad UnityEverpad, an Evernote (note taking service) client for Linux, has reached version 2.3, getting GNOME Shell support (TopIcon extension is recommended), along with other new features and improvements.
Everpad features:
supports Everpad notes, tags, netbooks, resources, placesUnity lens with previews supportUbuntu AppIndicator
The latest Everpad 2.3 should now work with GNOME Shell, however, since the GNOME Shell Message Tray is not intended for applications such as Everpad, it’s recommended to use it with the TopIcon extension.
Everpad GNOME Shell
Everpad GNOME Shell

That’s not all that’s new in the latest Everpad 2.3. The new version also brings drag’n’drop for images and files, printing and RTL support.
Since our last post on Everpad, the application has improved a lot! For instance, Everpad works under KDE and it even comes with Krunner integration (press ALT + F2 to open Krunner, then type “create note” to quickly create a new note with Everpad, or you can search for existing notes, etc.).

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