How to Remove Kerberos Password in Linux

This is a very rare situation one might face. Suddenly your linux based computer, VPS or server might prompt you to enter Kerberos Password. Same thing happened to me, I don’t remember if I had set kerberos password in the past. I had only updated certain packages. This happened when I tried assign new password to an existing vsftpd user. In this case all I could think of is getting rid of Kerberos password to proceed with my work.

Kerberos password is network authentication protocol which allow nodes communicating over a non-secure network to prove their identity to one another securely. Now to get rid of Kerberos password, all we need to do is removing a package that causes the issue. However this is a security feature that one might use if they are conscious about their data.

To remove Kerberos Password in Linux:

sudo apt-get remove –purge libpam-krb5

This will now remove the kerberos password.

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